Boat Rentals

Two Story Patio Boat

Maximum 12 Persons up to 3000lbs total
Gas Included
Water Slide
Ultimate Party Boat

Two Story Patio Boat

Our two story patio party boats are available from sunrise to sunset and are a great way to relax on the lake. The upper deck is open to the warm sun and has a gated water slide for kids that lands in the cool lake water. There's a coal barbecue off the bow and a changing room with a portable toilet so you can stay out all day. Plastic deck chairs and a table are already on-board which make it easy to set up for a party.

All two story boats have been updated with straight slides

Full Day Weekday: $450
Full Day Weekend: $560

One Story Patio Boat

Maximum 12 Persons up to 3000lbs total
Gas Included
Great Fishing Platform
Fun Parties

One Story Patio Boat

One story patio party boats are a great compliment to their two story cousin. They features the same lower deck space, person capacity, chairs, tables, portable toilet, swim ladder and barbecue. The half cover canvas top keeps the back shady and cool while the open bow and stable platform make casting a rod as easy as fishing from shore. The large deck and side benches make for easy parties. These boats are the most versatile of our fleet.

Full Day Weekday: $395
Full Day Weekend: $470

Pontoon Fishing Boat

Maximum 8 Persons up to 1710lbs total
One Tank of Gas Included

Pontoon Fishing Boat

These 24' Pontoon Fishing boats are a stable platform to take your family out on the lake. They don't have an on-board toilet like patio boats but the open floor plan and center console make room for fishing & casting in any direction.

Full Day Weekday: $280
Full Day Weekend: $360

Fishing Boat

Maximum 4 Persons up to 675lbs total
One Tank of Gas Included

Fishing Boat

These classic aluminum fishing boats will quickly take you any where wherever the fish are! All of our boats use 4-stroke engines which mean a quieter, cleaner day on the lake. Whether you're trolling the dam or fishing among the rushes or just touring the lake you'll benefit from the agility of this popular boat.

Full Day: $130
Half Day (to noon or from noon): $90
Fishing Boat Weekday Deals


One or Two People

Ocean Kayaks & Stand-Up Paddleboards

Ocean Kayaks are an exciting way to get out in the sun, exercise and explore the lake. Bring your arms and we'll set you up with lifejackets and paddles for one or two people.

$25 per hour or $60 for a full day

Cabins & Trailers

Cabins and Trailers

Large Cabins
Small Cabin


We rent Cabins and Trailers year round for easy setup and relaxing camping. Sleep on a real bed without having to spend the effort and the gas to tow a trailer.

For more information see our Cabins & Trailers Page.