Big Catfish and More Than a Few Trout!

Over the last month we’ve seen some long stretches of very hot weather that have pushed the thermocline down below 20ft and the surface temperature up to around 83°F. While fishing isn’t in spring fever mode the summer sun has still seen its share of trout.

Wyatt was trolling a “Little Lure” and landed an nine-and-a-quarter pound lightning trout. Kimmy & Hunter Zinkl caught 6 rainbows and two lightning trout- all good sized, trolling trout patterned spoons. Bridget caught a pair of trout including Golden Rainbow “Lightning” trout that weighed in at over 11 pounds.

Warm water fish like bass, crappie, redear and bluegill have been slower than normal for this time of year- maybe it’s a little too warm? But that didn’t stop DeMarco from hooking his first fish, a bluegill, by the dock using nightcrawlers. Conner Souva showed us that the bass are still biting roboworms- he had good luck with purple. Caleb Gutierrez used worms down by the dam to catch his glow necklace full of bluegill!

We’ve also seen a few catfish including these two giants:

On the left an 8.25lb Catfish caught by the well accompanied Duane Balfour of Yuba City who was dropping sardines to the bottom near the marina. On the right Supanee Marshall of Brentwood hooked her catfish on chicken livers and managed to reel in the 15.25lb beast. Great catching!

We’ll finish out with a few more noteworthy catches we missed in June, Above Cristal, Jose & Ethan bucked the trend, landing 10 trout from shore using garlic PowerBait.

Nikita was all smiles with his two pound rainbow trout. Soren had an exciting catch, a healthy golden rainbow, his first fish! Felix Yang of Marysville finished June with a 7 pound lightning trout on the 30th.

Don’t let summer pass you by – get outside and have some fun!

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