Trout Take a Dive, Bass & Cats Warm Up

Trout held out right through the end of April but with surface temperatures on the rise we accelerated our schedule and finished planting in the first week of May. At the same time trout started moving to deeper water. It took a week or so for things to stabilize, and now you can catch down below 15ft.

There’s very little shore activity….unless you’re talking about bass. While I don’t have a lot of bass pictures to share, but word is that they are in the last days of pre-spawn, and if you know where to look, many have already started making beds. We’re looking forward to catfish and a great warm-water season.

For now though we’re going to review some of the trout caught over the last three weeks: Rowland & Bill (above) filled the brag board with three lightnings and two rainbows trolling Silver Humdingers mid-lake.

Alexis & Mike Carlson of Elk Grove brought in a load of rainbow trout, a couple lightnings and a spotted bass trolling in a pontoon boat with Cal Kellog’s lures. That’s one happy dog, with those eyes staring off to the right, I wonder if there’s a famous Collins Lake Giant Ice Cream Cone walking by. Cal Kellog is a long time Collins Lake angler and guide with FHS “FishHuntShoot” Fishing (link).

Cody, Kye and Reece (above, left) caught a triplet of trout, the largest weighing in at 4.5 pound, trolling slow with Powerbait. Fank & Marti (above, right) caught this monstrous 7 3/4 pound Golden Rainbow “Lightning” trout while fishing near the marina using an Orange Kokanee Killer.

Lightning struck more than once for Rick, Forrest and Cody of Rohnert Park, California however their largest fish was that beautiful 7lb rainbow gracing the center of the lineup.

Dave Martinez of Cool, California reeled in his 10 pound Lightning Trout trolling around 15ft with a nightcrawler on a slow-death rig. Billy Ralls caught his 10lb lightning two days later drifting nightcrawlers out on the east side of the lake. So I guess whether you’re drifting or rolling, use a nightcrawler!

Gwen K hooked these two lunkers on the far side using nightcrawlers too. Jaixen M started May off well with this 5 3/4 pound rainbow trout caught near campsite 284 at the south end of the campground.

Zan, Anika, Brigham and Ben caught this ghostly beast of a Golden Rainbow Trout, yet another weighing in at 10lbs, fishing with a Bass Pro Shop “Demon Dancer” out on the east side. I think this may be the fist time we’ve featured three 10 pound trout, all caught within a week!

Lots of big trout are still lurking out there but you might have to get off the shore head out to deeper water. If you’re catching & releasing bass, crappie, bluegill, redear or catfish make sure to grab a picture and send in the details!

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