Thanks for all the Fish

Just in case you were worried that the trout had died down, check out the triple limit that Trevor, Joe & Shane nailed down from shore using PowerBait this Saturday:

Proving that it’s not limited to the sweet pungent smell of garlic PowerBait, Sean Sadek & Raymond Fritz of Yuba City caught a double limit trolling Rapalas on the east side:

There’s a massive backlog of photos we have to sort through, but suffice to say, the trout are still biting all over the lake… and the weather is warm enough that we may sustain these catches with an additional private plant in early December.

Visibility is about 5 feet, surface temperature is stable around 55F, and it’s fairly uniform as you get deeper. The lake is 53’7″ from spill but the main ramp has concrete in the water and folks are launching pontoon boats without any difficulty. Both ramps are open!

Get out and enjoy the sun while we have it,
Lord knows we’re all praying for rain!

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