Collins Lake Status

Last Updated: January 26th, 2021 8:23pm

Campground: Open
Day Use: Open
Boat Launch: Open

What to expect

  • Masks are required in the store (Thanks for helping us stay open!)
  • Maximum of 2 vehicles per campsite (first one is included in price)
  • Maximum of 6 people per campsite, including children
  • All campsite occupants must be from the same household
  • No sharing space among different household groups, even if registered in different campsites

Please review the details in this PDF before you arrive.

Fish of All Kinds & Fall RV Availability

It’s great to be half way through August with the lake only 12ft from full.  As per usual this time of year trout are maintaining their deep patrol around 35ft.  While there are a few being caught off shore with PowerBait or worms if you want to catch a limit trolling with downriggers or weighted line is almost a requirement.  Jimmie Trejo seems to always have good luck with Speedy Shiners down and I bet you will too.  The exception is Danny Kimble who has been limiting about once a week using primarily chartreuse PowerBait…well that and his apparently lucky chartreuse shirt:

Charles from Oregon House has brought up a number of fish over 5lbs caught on a Tasmanian Devil but he won’t say where.  These two, 6.5lbs and 7.5lbs are from August 9th & 12th:


Crappie continue to have an unseasonably strong bite, perhaps the still-submerged vegetation just makes them easier to find.  If redworms aren’t doing the trick bring in some minnows like Rick from Sacramento did in Elmer’s Cove:

Catfish activity is still high, with lots of catches in the late evening on chicken livers, mackerel or anything stinky.  You’ll remember Jerry Freeman from the last report when he brought up 4 big cats, well here’s two more for the books:


Jeremiah, Faith & Maya tossed out some hotdogs and hooked two more big whiskerfish including an 11 pound behemoth right out in front of lakefront RV hook-up site #222.

The post-labor-day season has always been a hidden gem in the camping world but these days as kids go back to school already in mid-August we are already starting to see quite a bit of mid-week availability for lakefront sites.  As of this writing all but two sites on the shoreline from 111 to 134 are open from Monday 8/18 to Thursday 8/22.

The campground around site #64 today August, 13th 2019

The ever coveted 210, the 36ft pull-through, electric/water site with the lower terrace & barbecue is available for a week long stay starting 8/20.

If you can only make it up on a weekend there is currently availability both weekends after Labor Day.

Check Availability Online or give us a call 530-692-1600

Enjoy the peaceful season, Ed


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